Misconception About Making Money While Traveling

"I want to start a blog because I want it to pay for my travels" or "I'm going to start a YouTube channel to make money."

It happens, of course. We just need to be clear that it's not an overnight thing or that those things alone will not support you financially as soon as you get started.

You don't write 2 blog posts and sit around and wait for a brand to ask you to promote their product. I'm not a blogger, but I know they work their butts off doing 700 things before they ever get to monetize it. You also don't get to learn about video editing in two days and then turn on a camera and bam!, YouTube sends you checks. Nope.

Today, I read "let's buy a camera and quit our jobs!" That's the equivalent of saying "Look at what Taylor Swift has done. We just need to buy a microphone!"

You'd also need these or some of these: skills, talent, hard work, creativity, hustle, putting in hours, networking, consistency, preparation. So, this is not me discouraging you from starting; this is just me delivering a quick reality check for anyone who thinks it's all fun and games...

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This photo is by Bella Luz Photography.

Keep overdosing in travel!

-Andrea V.