Brainstorming Sessions Are Good For You!

I'm all for a good brainstorming session!

Last night, I was talking to a friend. He told me he wanted to quit his job to travel. Here are some of the things I told him:

1. Don't quit your job just yet: Ask them how you can continue to do some tasks for them, but remotely. Even if it's a quarter of the work for a small $amount- it's income that will help you pay for part of your travels!

2. Rent Your Belongings: Can't take credit for this one. He was already thinking of putting up his apartment for rent, so that's good. He might also be renting his car in his time away.

3. Where will you be traveling? He mentioned he'd be attending mountain bike competitions. So, I told him reach out to all the mountain bike publications, products, companies he could think of. He can offer to send them content (text, photos, insider info, etc.) Are you a coffee lover and will be stopping by many coffee shops? Talk to a coffee shop publication and ask how you can collaborate!

4. Think about your other skills: Offer them to family and friends who own businesses, and then (of course!) do them remotely.

5. Start your own business: As long as you can do it from anywhere, any source of income works. Sure, owning a business is time-consuming, but there's a workaround. You can get partners. That's what I did!

So, I'm sharing this info for all of you who have similar questions (and DM me on IG or message me on Facebook), because I'd love to get back to all of you... But, sometimes don't have the time. I always do my best.

This overdose in travel article was written from Playa del Carmen. Next one, who knows!

Andrea Valeria

I am a vlogger & digital nomad. I've created it's a Travel O.D. to showcase the lifestyle of full-time travelers and stories of other people with cool travel projects. To overdose in travel daily go read my captions on Instagram or watch my vlogs on Facebook.