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Forbes: How These 6 Millennials Travel The World For A Living

In November 2016, I was featured on Forbes alongside other young females working while traveling the world.

I talk about my “do what you love” motto which has inspired everything I do since I took off and started as a digital nomad. Since this is Forbes, of course, we got into some business planning details, figures and income before and after the leap into the digital nomad world.

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La Prensa (Panama): Nómada Digital Panameña

I am originally from Panama, so here I am featured in the leading Panamanian newspaper. This wasn't only an online feature, but the story was also published on their print version. 

Featured on the "Young & Successful" segment of the Economy section, this article features:

Explanation of what it means to be a digital nomad, my background story, current ventures and more.

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Girls Love Travel: Life as a Digital Nomad

Girls Love Travel is one of the most inspiring online communities for girls who love to travel. They even have a private Facebook group with 300K+ group members.

On this post, you can read about what being a full-time traveler really entails. I dispel some myths from my own perspective and from things I’ve had asked.


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.45.12 PM.png Meet Andrea Valeria: A Nomadic Vlogger That Travels Solo, But Finds Community Wherever She Goes

One of the leading databases for remote work featured me and focused on how I network with like-minded people everywhere I go.

With information about my work/productivity set up, how I meet people, what type of events I like to attend, this piece is a great way to find out more about my lifestyle.


Expedia: 20 Jobs that let you Travel the World

The popular travel website "discovered that there are countless travel job opportunities that let you explore the globe, without missing a single paycheck." 

Then, they found me through and the rest was written on this article. I'm featured as a digital nomad on this cool feature alongside other hustlers making money while traveling the worl.


Day Job Optional: Drinking Coffee With Writers: Andrea Valeria

Day Job Optional is a platform for aspiring writers or those who are already working in the field but want to become remote workers.

The founder Michelle, interviewed me and here's the post with the interview. Click through to learn what my schedule is and what makes me tick as a writer.

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This podcast features the life and jobs of people who are location independent.

In my episode, I discussed the transition from corporate job to being a travel vlogger and how leaving your 9-5 will not guarantee success unless you work hard to achieve it.

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They feature "women and gender non-binary people of the Latin American & Caribbean diaspora who travel the world."

In this interview, I answered questions about my journey as a traveler, my background, and of course, vlogging.

how not to travel like a basic bitch

how not to travel like a basic bitch: 6 Lessons I Learned Turning Vlogging Into Fulltime Travel

How Not To Tavel Like A Basic Bitch provides digital content 'to change the world 'one basic bitch at a time.' 

This feature includes information about how I transitioned from having a full-time job to vlogging as a full-time career. Includes fun throwback videos and valuable lessons

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mogul: 12 Female Travel Bloggers of Color To Follow Right Now

Mogul is a women-only technology platform that enables women worldwide to connect.

Beyond honored to be listed here with these 11 other women & be considered a travel vlogger who is "killing it!"

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Create Something Captivating podcast: How Andrea Valeria Turned Her Storytelling Skills Into a Vlogging Career

A podcast featuring the stories of female entrepreneurs and how they manage to ‘create something captivating’ in their respective fields. Luisa Navarro, host of the podcast, is a social media, web design and an entrepreneur expert herself… so she asked all the tough questions!