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overdose in travel!

let’s figure out how you can

overdose in travel

You see Instagram photos. You read the blogs. You watch the travel vlog. You’ve heard of people working while traveling… but, how can YOU do it, too? Let’s dig into it!

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What you’ll find here…

- How to work online so you can have the flexibility to travel more.

- Inspiring stories about others who have figured out how to overdose in travel.

- Find remote gigs HERE & learn how to create your own opportunities.

- Different styles of traveling, so you find what works for you!

- Digital nomad friendly destinations.

- Insights & tips on vlogging to get the scoop on how to do it, too.

- Oh, and if you want my secret to affording more trips, check this out.


Working remotely has legit changed my life.

vlogging for my platforms & for other clients has allowed me to:

Meet inspiring people! Go to cool places! Move to different countries! Share my passions! Make money!



years ago

I transitioned from having a regular full-time job to working remotely. That’s when the digital nomad journey began!



different cities

That I’ve called home for at least 1 month, living as a digital nomad. Of course, I’ve taken many short trips to other places, too. #overdoseintravel



vlogs made

For travel-related companies or it’s a Travel O.D. My main source of income comes from: vlogs, vlogging strategy & social media brainstorming.


Oh, and if you want to learn how to vlog…

I wrote a book to get you started - from scratch!

Whether you’re a personal brand or want to sell your business’ services, vlogging can help you reach your goals faster.

How do I know?

Well, it’s how I started making money while traveling, getting featured on major publications and collaborating with brands!

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what reader josh had to say:

“So this girl has literally tried it all and really gave me the confidence to go forth and make money off of my video production. Definitely worth it if you're a newbie like me.”

sara blair said:

“I wasn't sure this would be useful to me, as I wasn't planning on ever getting into vlogging. I already watch Andrea's vlogs and follow her on instagram, so I know what she is all about. But this book just gives away all the best tips for anyone wanting to get into the vlogging world. And to be honest, there were even parts I found useful for my blog.”

gary’s thoughts on “so you want to vlog?”:

“Andrea truly gets your stuff together! Lists are big part of the success but who doesn’t love a good list? Keeps your thoughts on track and helps develop your own vlogging framework. Now I have lists in my phone because of this amazing price of literature.”

what Assita Diallo thought:

“I loved how straightforward this book was. I usually hate reading technical books or “how to” books because they say use so much jargon that I completely shut down. Thank you for the straightforwardness and simplicity.”


But, how can I travel so much?

I work while traveling because I found a way to monetize my skills & passions.

Oh, and I made a full course with all my secrets & tips so you can do it too.

It’s called “How To Make Money While Traveling”

3.5 hours of video for only $9.99


Who is Andrea Valeria?

Born and raised in Panama City, I later fell in love with travel. I’ve lived in places like Miami, Hawaii, Buenos Aires, Playa del Carmen and Mexico City. After some time as a TV News Reporter, I started vlogging as a hobby. Now, it’s what I do for a living… while moving to different cities every chance I get! I’ve been a digital nomad for the past 3+ years.


what kind of vlogs do I MAKE?

Travel vlogs that will give you the behind the scenes of being a nomad. You’ll see how other people are traveling the world, too!

How can you work with me?

I can create vlogs about your service, location, or we can collaborate on other kinds of projects. I love hearing crazy ideas, so don’t be afraid to send an e-mail to andrea[@]

can you pick my brain?

Yup. I actually offer “Pick My Brain” sessions. They’re great for companies & creative entrepreneurs to brainstorm, chat about a vlogging strategy or learn about digital nomadism.


How about we hang out in person?

I have a retreat coming up in Cartagena, Colombia.

Perfect for you if you’re:

-Needing help with your online projects & social media

-Want to go on a boat tour during the day, and salsa dancing at night

-Need accountability to get stuff done & meet your new hype team

-Love to work hard (2.5 days of masterminds/work shops) & travel harder

Dates: October 28 - November 2, 2019

In partnership with The Quirky Pineapple Studio & Scarlet Macaw Trips.

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andrea valeria, it's a travel o.d., itsatravelod, remote jobs, work online, how to make money while traveling, digital nomad

Want to find remote jobs?

If you want to try out the digital nomad lifestyle or work from home, you’ll always find here a list of remote opportunities.