How is Life as a Digital Nomad?

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I am a vlogger and digital nomad and my goal is to overdose in travel. I started my lifestyle of 'digital nomadism' about two years ago. As opposed to what a lot of people do, I didn't just save money and quit my job. For me, it was a slow process in which I gradually transitioned from having a regular full time corporate job to being totally location independent.

All photos on this post by  Eduardo Molino Photography

All photos on this post by Eduardo Molino Photography


Digital Nomad Myths

There's a few myths surrounding digital nomadism and what being a full-time traveler really entails. So, I'll clear some up, from my own perspective and from things I've had asked.

1. I don't spend 24/7 in hotels. I pick a place, rent an apartment and explore around there for a while.

2. I'm not traveling ALL the time. I'm actually doing what I'm doing on this photo above a lot of the time (but from different locations, for sure).

3. No, I don't have a sugar daddy.

4. No, I don't have parents who pay for my trips.

5. I have about 4 different jobs/gigs/ventures, because I don't like putting all my eggs in one basket. If something fails, I can rely on the other one. To learn more about what I exactly I do to make money, here's this vlog I made on this topic.

6. About every 2 weeks, I go on a trip. If it's short, I might disconnect. If it's longer, I schedule some days just for work and some days for tours/activities/sightseeing/relaxing.

7. I go to coffee shops and work from there maybe 2-3 days a week. I personally love to work from home though.

8. I meet a lot of people through Instagram or on location-specific digital nomad/traveler Facebook groups, but I actually spend most of my time alone.

9. As long as I have wifi, I can work from anywhere.

10. When I post photos on pretty locations, I'm usually not there at the moment. I'm more likely to be chilling in my living room/hotel/coffee shop.

Photo by  Eduardo Molino Photography  (Panama City, Panama)

Photo by Eduardo Molino Photography (Panama City, Panama)

I try to post as much as possible about my journey as a digital nomad on my Instagram account.

Why? Because I love helping other people get to a point where they're in love with what they do and enjoying their life to the fullest. Helping other people also allows me to learn and grow, so it's a win-win for all!

Keep overdosing in travel!

-Andrea V.