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I don't consider myself a full-blown "travel vlogger." I am more like a vlogger with travel-related topics. I'm going to let this real-life example illustrate the struggles of telling people what to do when they visit a place:

Andrea Valeria, vlogger, itsatravelod, digital nomad, Belize

Me: You should go to "Puu o Mahuka Heiau. Great views!" (North Shore, Oahu)
*person goes with wife & kid*
Person: We went & didn't like it. It was muddy. Not a very kid-friendly area.

I had no idea this person was taking a 3-year-old in a stroller. Not my fault they went after it rained all morning either. It's hard to please people, I tell you.

Traveling is all subjective. What if I tell you Pololu Valley (Big Island) is my favorite hike ever, but then you get scared when you see the "danger" signs at the entrance. Are you going to tell me I sent you to an unsafe area?

My goal is to overdose in travel, and tell you about the hustle to get there.

To see how I shot this photo, go to  this post.

To see how I shot this photo, go to this post.

We can talk about things like:
-Vlogging while traveling
-Making your passions a full-time a career (check this vlog out to see the story of a girl who started monetizing her side hustle!)
-Tips for networking in a new city
-How to organize our days to tackle more projects

But, I won't give you vlogs of "Top 10 Things to do in Mexico City," because I'll be like "go to this taqueria," and then you'll be like "there weren't vegan options." Can't win.

You think you can find some value in what I can offer & share, though? If so, I'm so so happy to have you here!

This overdose in travel blog post was written from a little restaurant in Boquete, Panama (but the photos are from Belize.) Next one, who knows?

Andrea Valeria

I am a vlogger & digital nomad. I've created it's a Travel O.D. to showcase the lifestyle of full-time travelers and stories of other people with cool travel projects. To overdose in travel daily go read my captions on Instagram or watch my vlogs on Facebook.