Liz Pinto: From Photographer to Mentor

Liz Pinto, from Lizzie Photography, started her business at at 17. Today, it has gone International.

I made her the star of one of my new vlogs, which you should totally watch now. In the vlog, she explains how she's traveling the world thanks to what she has accomplished so far. It's badass!

Facts about her that didn't make the vlog:
-Liz started her photography business in high school offering her services during recess. She said "my first office was my classroom."

This is Liz Pinto. Go to her Instagram to see what she's up to!

This is Liz Pinto. Go to her Instagram to see what she's up to!

-The day I was with Liz, she was receiving like 20 emails per hour. Those were notifications of people buying her online course!

-Aside from photo shoots, workshops, being on TV, speaking at conferences... she also has a YouTube channel, goes to concerts, has a boyfriend, a huge family she sees all the time & goes to the beach like every weekend. How about those time management skills & work-life balance though? Yasss!

Oh, and if you're wondering how I met her- Instagram! She's Panamanian like me- so, there was an instant connection!

I wanted you to be inspired. That's why I vlogged about Liz. After watching, how inspired are you on a scale from 1-10?

This "overdose in travel" blog post was written from Panama City. Next one, who knows!

Andrea Valeria

I am a vlogger & digital nomad. I've created it's a Travel O.D. to showcase the lifestyle of full-time travelers and stories of other people with cool travel projects. To overdose in travel daily go read my captions on Instagram or watch my vlogs on Facebook.