10 Reasons Why You Should Go to a Retreat

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Life-changing retreats near you are here for the taking; it’s just a matter of taking the chance. A retreat is a type of withdrawal from the place you have been living for a while (or years, you never know). To be able to disconnect from that point of view and connect with a different mindset, in which solutions can be obtained. People that go to a specific type of retreat are probably going through the same circumstances as you!

Photo at a Vaera Journeys retreat by  @myfriendjennathephotographer

Photo at a Vaera Journeys retreat by @myfriendjennathephotographer

With that in mind, check out the why you should consider going on a solo retreat getaway:

  1. If you don’t like to travel solo and your friends won’t buy the plane ticket, you’ll have a group of friends as soon as you arrive that are ready and wanting to get to know you. 

  2. Of course, you will get to sightsee, travel, relax, have fun and explore. The ones organizing the event thought about that too. 

  3. You will definitely meet people with the same interests, that's why it’s important to which type of retreat you go to, you want one which you are interested in because people will be talking around that subject.

  4. Because you can find all kinds of retreats from wellness to entrepreneurial, from creative retreats to holistic, they are many options to choose from.

  5. I’ve made at least 2 good friends in every retreat I have been to, chances are you will too!

  6. In creative or entrepreneurial retreats, you will walk out with business connections, potential business partners and a hype team! Networking made easy.

  7. You’ll be around a group of people that will teach you and inspire you. It’s the ultimate kick in the butt!

  8. You’ll travel without the stress of planning your itinerary, accommodations, meals, tours - all is taken care of!

  9. A perfect mix of work and play!

  10. After days of opening up, sharing experiences and personal thoughts, you’ll find community! People that resonate with what you have to say will keep in touch.

Photo at a Vaera Journeys retreat by  @myfriendjennathephotographer

Photo at a Vaera Journeys retreat by @myfriendjennathephotographer

Here are a few extra tips:

  • If you find a friend to go with you, you two might get a discount!

  • They all have early bird pricing or will offer some payment plans if you ask the organizer!

Being an online entrepreneur isn’t as lonely as some may think. These retreats are created for you in mind, building your entrepreneurial opportunities in networking, and attending workshops can work wonders. Whether you’re starting up, rebranding or heading to your next milestone, we are here in this rollercoaster together.

While you wait for my next retreat, check some of the other things I can do for you to help with your goals. 

I’m hosting a @vaerajourneys retreat on February 2020 in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. For more information, check out their website.

Or if you have time this year…

I have one coming up October 28 to November 2 in Cartagena, Colombia. (More info click here).

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