Remotify Your Resumé

Remotify Your Resumé

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You know you want to work remotely.

You might already have the skills needed for an online job. You just don’t know how to market yourself.

You’ve seen jobs you could be applying to, but you’re missing something….

A resumé that is designed for the remote job search!

While there’s no right or wrong way to land a remote gig, you must make sure you’re taking advantage of all your transferable skills & properly articulating your expertise in a remote-ready resumé & cover letter. I’ll help you make that happen!

What Do You Need?:
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You are ready to take action. 

Whether you want to work remotely so you can overdose in travel or work from home to spend more time with the kids… you’ve decided that you need a remote job. 

But, you don’t have remote job experience. You don’t know what skills you should highlight in a resumé. You just… don’t know where to start.

You won’t land a job interview if you don’t make a first great impression — and, that’s why you need a killer remote-ready resumé & cover letter!

I’ve been overseeing the hiring & recruiting of a photography company for 5+ years.

I’ll be honest…  I spend less than 20 seconds reviewing an applicant’s resumé & cover letter. 

And, most recruiters do as well. 

You could have the skills, but… 

  • if your cover letter fails to explain how you’re a good fit for the company… you’re out.

  • if your resumé’s design & layout feel outdated or lackluster… you’re out.

  • if your resumé has typos & mistakes… you’re out.

  • if your resumé includes your first job as a lemonade stand owner — mmm, come on… you’re out.

I’m here to help. I will give you the tools you need to apply to those remote gigs you’ve been eyeing.

What will you get?

Remotify Your Resumé

-Remote-ready resumé copy on a Word doc (so you can copy & paste easily & edit it if needed)

-A remote-ready resumé (PDF file)

-A link to your Canva design so you can edit it (not everyone knows how to work fancy design programs, so we make it easy for you to update with this super user-friendly editable version)


Remotify Your Cover Letter

-Remote-ready cover letter on a Word doc (so you can personalize it for every job opening or copy & paste it in an e-mail’s body)


Remotify Your Resumé & Cover Letter

Everything listed above — with a special 15% discount for getting the bundle!


You will receive the final product in 5 days… but, if you want it faster, add the 2-day delivery option to your shopping cart!

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