Being a Digital Nomad & Finding Community

This is exciting. I'm featured on! 

After a 1-hour interview with them, they decided to focus on how I find community wherever I go. I was pleased with the angle, because if you know me, you know it's important for me to find likeminded people to collaborate with! In my opinion, in order to grow and stay inspired, you need to hear others' ideas & journeys every once in a while. 

The article is called: "Meet Andrea Valeria: A Nomadic Vlogger That Travels Solo, But Finds Community Wherever She Goes"

Here's some of the takeaways of this article:

- I get linked into social media groups that exist for the sole purpose of bringing together digital nomads in each new location where she lives. (AKA private Facebook groups!)

-A lot of my local friends are remote workers like me, who also have similar schedules and flexibility.

-I move about every 6 months, which really allows me to immerse myself in the location, and of course... network and make friends!

Keep overdosing in travel! 

by Andrea Valeria (@itsaTravelOD)