Motivation for a Tired Content Creator

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Building good habits to be successful on your digital marketing & content creator journey is one of the most important things to do — even before having figured out your niche, your brand image or leaping into freelancing work and leaving the job you dislike.

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Let me remind you why you can trust me on this:

  • Since 2012, I have been doing different online ventures.

  •  Being a freelance social media content creator has been a search within myself of my skills, my passions and what I love doing. 

  • I offer a service called “Pick my Brain” I help out lots of people move forward in this type of discouraging times. So I have examples of how things can go (either good or sour).

Here are the good habits:

  1. Find solutions instead of giving excuses

  2. Don’t expect quick fame

  3. Practice healthy patience

  4. Test out different ideas and practice

  5. Be consistent 

  6. Stop comparing yourself

  • Don’t miss out the ‘Pro tip’

Let’s talk about the dreams we get entangled when starting out, so we can understand the fatigue you might be experiencing: 

“What I do is so good, so perfect and unique I will only need two or three videos to become famous”

This couldn't be further from the truth, and a really painful one to be honest about because it means it takes more work than expected.

Before you go and close everything, please bear with me and let me tell you why you should keep posting your content.

If you want to see the video format, here it is.

  1. Find solutions instead of giving excuses

When having a rainy day in a beautiful location I’m staying at, I could use that as an excuse to not do a video for my Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. I would never put videos on because there could be endless excuses (not enough views, hateful comments, etc). 

Stuff is not always sunny and pretty outside, so that's why I'm staying indoors, cooking myself some zucchini pasta with chicken and telling you to keep working on your content, your vlog, your blog or your remote job search. Because all the work has either given me a good lesson to help others in their journey or give me a better compass to move forward with my creative fulfillment.

When there is a challenge, there is a workaround to make it work!

2. Don’t expect quick fame

Maybe you have already a lot of content created or a lot of published vlogs that haven't even reached 50 views or only 82 people have visited your website, making you think “Why am I even making this?”, “This a lot of work for only this amount of views”. Even if in the beginning you are not reaching all the goals and reaching other people you planned out to reach, in a short amount of time, I’m here to tell you why you should keep going. Because I really think you should.

andrea valeria, it's a travel o.d., itsatravelod, remote jobs, work online, how to make money while traveling, digital nomad

Overnight success is really a good thing? If all of a sudden you have lots of people to entertain or are waiting for your content, would you be ready to know what works, what you like to keep doing or what you what to change? Building up your community and your audience is a good foundation for your own mental health and been to know how to progressively organize your life and your work.

3. Practice healthy patience

The dream of quick fame makes it prone to push yourself into jumping from one idea to another in a heartbeat, which makes it difficult for you to know what exactly you prefer to do, instead of numbers, focus on your short term goals, not the end result.

The other day, I was talking to one of my clients from my consulting sessions that just started blogging, maybe a month ago or two, when they had put out like 3 or 4 videos they were frustrated because their videos weren't having enough views. That stopped me for a second and asked if they knew how long I’ve been blogging for, she started to show she had done her homework and gave an estimate of 2 years. Which takes me to the next point:

4. Test out and Practice

It was only a rough guess because ‘Its a Travel O. D’ is the one she only saw. She didn’t know about my other YouTube channels that didn’t work or that did not fulfill me in the long run. 

“You should always start and if you need to adjust, do so and change it up later. Try it out and practice” 

I finally found my voice and I can finally share all of my passions all rolled up into one. The 6 years of been vlogging in different channels in different platforms on different kinds of blogs, I have 100 vlogs in total that I have made and only like 3 have reached 30,000 views. There are 20 - 30 on my facebook with about 10,000 views. 

5. Be consistent 

Consistency is key. You are going to get some that do really well, ones that totally flop and some that are consistently pretty okay. The goal is to just post and post and post and don’t worry about the numbers.

If you ask me about my statistics and my numbers some people would give me a hard time because I don't know as much about them. Because I'm a vlogger, I'm a content creator and that is what I enjoy doing, talking to cameras, editing (I love editing!). If I was to worry about the rest, I think I would get into analysis paralysis. 

“The point is to enjoy what you are doing”

andrea valeria, it's a travel o.d., itsatravelod, remote jobs, work online, how to make money while traveling, digital nomad

6. Stop comparing yourself

Another point I think is very important it’s to not compare yourself with other people that have been doing it for a long time. 

While also a lot of people think that people are an overnight success, but you have just seen the one video that propelled them into fame or the one song.

Let me give an example of this with Luis Fonsi, which most of you would recognize him for the song ‘Despacito’. One of my American friends said that he just got famous overnight, which she started to say that it was awesome to do for just that one song. I had to stop her and told her to give me a second to explain that Luis Fonsi had been around since I was fourteen and you might not know all the songs he had back then, all the hustle and all the albums he has put out before Despacito. 

Pro tip: 

With this example out of my system, I would recommend taking a time out and continue to work on creating content out until we get our Despacito kind of hit (or something similar you envision for your career to get you where you wish to).

This not only applies to artists, content creators, it also applies to people in business, entrepreneurs. You will do a bunch of things until you do the ‘one big thing.’

 It is about the quality, about the the actual connections and how can we inspire one person with one piece of content — with one photo, with one caption, one video, one blog. If you do just that, it’s all that matters.

In short: Be consistent, put out as much stuff as you can and don't overthink what to post: just go for it.

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My secret tip:

Sometimes when we aren't sure about what we have created, you ask for other people's opinions about it. It’s okay with people you respect, which are the ones in your mind when you need some confirmation that something is okay to publish and share with the world. 

Don't let the insecurity win over in your craft, because you can fall into the habit of always asking for other people’s opinions. Those people are not in your head, they don't see your vision, your goal or your end result.

It's cool to have people you can have some feedback from every once in a while, but you are preventing yourself from putting out something great because someone else that doesn't understand your vision is second-guessing your work, it's not worth it.

This overdose in travel blog post includes images (by J Elizabeth Photography) from my time with Vaera Journeys in Mexico. 

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