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Don’t just take my word though. Listen to what some of my clients have to stay!

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Meagan Drillinger - founder of vaera journeys

“Andrea is an absolute whiz and a great teacher when it comes to social media. My account was haphazard and random but she took the time to teach me how to hone and improve my skills so that it was more professional and up to par. She also has been a huge influence in helping me to market my entrepreneurial retreat company, Vaera Journeys. She has taught me the importance of a soft sell and the best way to highlight our brand message without being aggressive on the customer.”

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liz pinTo - phoTographer & phoTo business menTor

“I totally love the Pick My Brain sessions with Andrea. It's like having a little voice in your head that helps you take the big steps to get you closer to your dreams, except this one is in your phone or your laptop, & from anywhere in the world. Andrea has an amazing way of giving you different points of view that will help you open your mind and have a guide to follow.”

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Alesha de la cruz - wedding planner

“The support and feedback I received from Andrea was exactly what I needed to make the jump into monetizing what I’ve always done on “the side”. Starting a business can really have your mind all over the place and she really organized my thoughts by creating goals each step of the way. (She also held me accountable which is key to being successful) I couldn’t be more thankful to have had her by my side while I took this scary leap! Oh, and she literally came up with my business’ name “De La Planning” during one of our Pick My Brain sessions!”

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These 3 creatives and entrepreneurs have been clients of my Pick My Brain sessions.