Book: So You Want to Vlog?

Book: So You Want to Vlog?


So, you’re an aspiring vlogger?

This book breaks down the vlogging process for you, without getting overly technical. From naming your vlog, refining your style, and advancing your skills—to the satisfaction of publishing your very first video—you now have a vlogging mentor.

Get started on your first vlog.

Then return to this book for mentorship when you come up with questions or need a little encouragement.Learn from two seasoned digital nomads how to earn an income while traveling the globe.

It’s not currently available on this website, but the book is available on Amazon (paperback & e-book).


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In this vlogging guide, you’ll learn:

-What exactly is a vlog?

-Finding your space in the vlogging world

-What you need to get started vlogging

-How to tell an engaging story through video

-Shooting and editing techniques for newbies