Travel Planner: #OverdoseinTravel

Travel Planner: #OverdoseinTravel


This planner is one of the reasons why I afford to travel so much -because knowing how to budget a trip allows you to spend less & travel more!

But, what does it include?

This excel spreadsheet includes a checklist, an itinerary decision-maker & a travel budgeting tool designed so you can save your coins.

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Are you planning a trip, and have no idea where to start?

  • How to figure out your budget?

  • What should you do before a trip?

  • How to pick the best options that won’t break the bank?

  • Where could you be cutting costs?

I didn’t know how to figure all this out either.

But, then after 3 years of non-stop travel, I started getting the travel planning down.

That’s when I created the #OverdoseinTravel planner.

This is what I have included in it.

A Travel Checklist…

so you know exactly what to do before your trip.

You’ll never forget anything ever again.

An Itinerary Picker…

which will help you make decisions.

You’ll choose the most budget-friendly options.

A Budgeting Tool..

where you’ll see exactly where your money is going!

You’ll find out what expenses you could eliminate.

What does that mean? That you’ll be saving money!

This excel sheet planner will legit save you hundreds in your next trip, and it’s only $20.

Let’s do it. Let’s plan your next trip!

Ready to overdose in travel?


Andrea Valeria

I am a vlogger & full-time traveler. I've created it's a Travel O.D. to showcase the lifestyle of a digital nomad and stories of people with cool travel projects. To overdose in travel daily go read my captions on Instagram, or watch my vlogs on Facebook.