Hit Publish Masterminds

Hit Publish Masterminds


You have the idea. Maybe it’s a blog, vlog, e-book, song, course…

You also want to hit publish, but something is holding you back.

Whether it is excuses, a lack of motivation or support, needing more guidance or structure… you know you need a push.

Here’s where Hit Publish in 4 Weeks comes in!

This online group program, hosted by Andrea Valeria (it’s a Travel O.D.) & Cassandra T. Le (The Quirky Pineapple Studio) will help you get from idea to action to HIT PUBLISH on your next digital project!

What does it include?

  • 4-Week Online Mastermind

  • 2 group coaching calls

  • Weekly video trainings

  • The “Idea to Action” Workbook"

  • Accountability private Facebook group

  • Built-in Hype Team

Enrollment is now closed, but you can now sign up to the Hit Publish, Cartagena Retreat. October 28 - November 2. More info here.

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