overdose in travel

vlog /ˈvlɒɡ/

A video blog, usually shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium is video and is a form of web television. 

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What is it's a Travel O.D.?

'it's a Travel O.D.' stands for: it's a travel overdose. 

@itsaTravelOD is meant to inspire you to travel more. Through photos, tips, inspirational quotes & vlogs, I want you to understand the perks and beauty of traveling regularly, not just for a vacation. Jobs might get in the way, money might be tight, but I'll tell you how you can overdose in travel, too!


Andrea V.   |   Nomad & Solo Traveler

I'm originally from Panama and I'm a firm believer in doing what you love. Currently living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, but mostly a nomad. I overdose in travel, vlogs are my drug of choice and I need my daily social media fixes.

Most of the time, I travel solo and talk to my camera documenting what happens along the way.


Travel Vlogger

It started with pop culture vlogs while I was getting a Master’s in Entertainment Business. In 2012, I was a Shorty Awards Video Blogger nominee for it’s a Pop O.D. Before that, I was a TV News Reporter covering not-so-fun stories of crime & burst water pipes.

Now, I travel and vlog about it. All my videos are shot and edited entirely by me.

My goal is to inspire you to travel more. Whether you have to take some time off or take your work on the road, I want you to know it's possible!

Let's overdose in travel,

Andrea V.