overdose in travel

Andrea Valeria.

Travel Vlogger  |  Digital Nomad  |  Brainstorming Machine


Digital Nomad Vlogs: My main goal is to show people how to work & travel through stories of other digital nomads. These are all written by me, shot and edited by me.

Promotional Travel Vlogs (English): Worked with Westgate Resorts as a vlogger. Created a series of 8 vlogs showcasing their property.

Personal Vlogs: Through my own experience, I show my viewers how I am able to juggle a sustainable life of full-time traveling- while showcasing pretty destinations!

Hustling Vlogs: By featuring the stories of others pursuing their passions, I motivate others to get out of their comfort zone.

Entertainment Travel Vlogs: Some of my vlogs have sponsors (like this one), but have a comedic approach on travel.

Informational Vlogs: Made for companies/brands/products for use in their websites/social media for announcements or releases, etc.

Pop Culture/Lifestyle Vlogs: Before the traveling vlogs, I was producing entertainment vlogs like this one which has more than 30K views.

Media: After 6 months vlogging, I was nominated for a Shorty Award "Video Blogger" category. Here's my post-ceremony interview in New York. 

Reach Facebook-hosted vlogs are reaching 5K viewers in the first days.

Audience Women ages of 25-34 who love to travel or are aspiring digital nomads.

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